Responsive booking journey


Re-design of the Barbican’s booking journey; the first phase of an ongoing task to incrementally rebuild the whole of the organisation’s website. The Barbican is Europe's largest multi-arts venue.

In a small Agile team, I have sole responsibility for all design and front-end development. In addition I have been involved in all other stages of the project, from analysing customer research, identifying requirements, mapping user flows, performance budgeting, contributing to customer testing sessions and stakeholder presentations.

Working within the confines of a legacy ticketing system, I aimed to create a fast, clear and de-cluttered experience which would perform well on all browsers, devices, and connections.

Since launching the first iteration, there have been marked improvements in mobile conversion, time to completion, product upsell conversions, and customer sastisfaction ratings. Furthef information available on request.

Roles: UX & UI Design, front-end development (main site)

Mapping user flows
Sketch wireframing
Concept refinements
Prototype testing